• Alpenite Webinar: Magento 2, The treasure for your omnichannel strategy

    Thursday 6 October 2016, at 12 p.m., the Alpenite webinar focused on the new Magento 2 platform will be delivered: a real treasure for every e-commerce omnichannel strategy.

    Magento, with its 4 millions downloads, is one of the most performative platforms used to create e-commerces. The new Magento 2 is completely updated, offering many innovations. During the webinar, all the new features of Magento 2 will be explained and you will discover how to effectively implement them in order to realize the perfect omnichannel strategy for your business.

    The Magento 2 release is conceived and designed to offer a unique experience not just to the consumer, but also to the back-end operators, maintaining the Magento flexibility and adding a series of features of high strategic value. The new modules and extensions are indeed multiple and able to amplify the functionality of the platform in order to produce a complete, integrated, and performative e-commerce.

    • Magento 2: introduction and overview
    • Magento 2: the new features
    • More efficiency and productivity for every kind of business: backend, architecture, payments, customer experience
    • Conclusion

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