• Meteo Data Collection goes faster with GIS Meteotrigger powered by Alpenite


    GIS Meteo Trigger, the responsive web app which collects and distributes meteorological data all over Italy, shines online.

    Radarmeteo, in collaboration with Alpenite, gives life to the first coordinated meteo data national portal: more than 9000 meteo stations that collects georeferenced data in 3D (latitude, longitude and elevation) for a total of 10 billion records and 5GB of data with a growth of 1GB a month.

    GIS Meteotrigger represents an important step in the digital transformation process for the meteorology sector: collecting meteorological data means always having to resort to using lots of different meteo net managers which results in a lack of information. Radarmeteto stopped this lack of information by giving life to GIS METEO TRIGGER: the first professional national database which permits immediate access in every moment to the data thanks to this highly responsive app.

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