Adobe Magento Commerce Storytelling & Selling: How Paul&Shark delight online customers


Storytelling & Selling: How Paul&Shark delight online customers

Italian retailers benefitted from remarkable online growth of over 15% from the start of 2019 to start of 2020. While the industry took a major hit in recent months, some retailers were well placed with the technology and operations needed to mitigate and grow.
The creation of a content strategy involves at least two different challenges for the merchants:

  • the capability to offer experiential content in order to make the brand known and build customer loyalty on the one hand
  • the maximization of performance regarding sales on the other.

These two challenges require autonomy and speed in the publication of content and intelligent instruments allowing to maximize the number of leads, the conversion rate and therefore the return on investment.

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alpenite, in collaboration with Adobe and Paul & Shark, presents their success story:

Italian fashion brand Paul & Shark operates in 70+ countries with more than 250 stores. In 2019 they began an ambitious project to enable their customers to shop online, with the same level of quality an experience they expected in the stores.

See the entire success story video Storytelling & Selling: How Paul&Shark delight online customers to listen and learn:

  • Tips for achieving real-time communication with customer across channels
  • Tips for storytelling online while focusing on conversion
  • A winning feature to convert and create loyal Paul & Shark customers
  • Why planning is more important than the plans themselves
  • Why the technology stack is second to future innovation

Listen and learn directly from the speakers:

  • Giuseppe Miriello, Global Head of Digital, e-Commerce and CRM at Paul&Shark
  • Roberto Ricci, Leading Commercial Channel Sales in South Europe at Adobe
  • Gianmarco Altieri, Adobe Partner Manager at alpenite

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