"digital art as a lever for the innovation" alpenite joins Fondazione Università Cà Foscari project


“digital art as a lever for the innovation” alpenite joins the Fondazione
Università Cà Foscari project

“Digital Art as a lever for the innovation of company processes and assets” is the initiative by the Fondazione Università Cà Foscari and funded by the Veneto Region, which has brought together 10 contemporary artists and 10 companies with the aim of translating into art the strategical concepts characterizing the economies of reference. alpenite has participated in the iniziative with the Spanish artist Azahara Cerezo developing a path that traces the history of company, by artistically giving voice to identities and missions of the system integrator.

“#Justarrived – intervals of waiting” is the work in progress of Azahara Cerezo’s artwork for alpenite will be on display at Cà Foscari, starting from the 25th of October, on the occasion of the Strategy Innovation Forum – MATTER, SOUND, VISION.

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“#JUSTARRIVED – intervals of waiting” – Azahara Cerezo for alpenite

Who knows whether at a distance of a “few” centuries, the German writer Lessing would have been able to apply his theory of pleasure to our contemporary digital era. “The waiting of pleasure is a pleasure itself”. Probably yes, or at least this is what Azahara Cerezo and alpenite have decided to communicate through the language of the Spanish “media artist”. The wait is the virtual wait, which separates the user’s moments of choice and “add to basket” from the decisive ones of the check-out and actual purchase. In such an immaterial context, the concept of surprise, even though the user knows exactly what he has ordered online, is materialized into the work of the artist, who through the choice of the hashtag #justarrived connected to a digital counter, manages to make visible and to count the time passing between one “arrival” and the other. The pleasure of the purchase is not tangible anymore, but it resides in the moment in which simply with a click one may complete it. For this reason, the very same work is not fundamental in its realization but in the wait for something to happen; the time separates the action from its ideal realization and becomes the true heart of the moment and of the artistical product.