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SOCIAL CEO: How CEO impacts social media

Okay, we can all agree that social media are now essential for a brand: that’s where the audience is, where all the trends born, and people want to communicate with a brand directly through their Instagram page. But what happens if is the CEO that talks on social media? To answer to stakeholders and comment over the news?

We are of the opinion that today CEOs must lead brands also with social media; they no longer have to hold back and talk to a few close friends, but they must relate to a public arena in order to give the brand a face. They must do it for consumers, who more easily place trust in a person than in an organization, they must do it to answer the questions of shareholders and partners, to reassure them and make them an active part in company decisions and obviously for employees, because when the leader speaks everyone listen to him (when he is authoritative).

  • What makes a Social CEO special?
    We rely on a study conducted by LinkedIn to answer this question and to outline the first steps that a CEO must follow to implement a unique social strategy. LinkedIn, a symbolic channel for sharing thought leadership, has identified nine main activities, divided into three areas, which distinguish a social CEO from those not.
  • Passive activities
    • Profile’s visit
    • Interactions
    • Skills approvals
  • Publication
    • Frequent content sharings
    • Articles Views
    • Involvement Articles
  • Social Activities
    • Sharing frequency
    • Content Egagement
    • Followers

Obviously the data refers to LinkedIn and each social network has its own rules and metrics, but starting from these elements it is clear what a CEO must do on social networks, to understand how to do it you need to be prepared, at the base there must be an accurate analysis and a personal branding strategy added to the best known brand marketing tactics on social media. For example, a leader who shares an article without caring about what happens after the post is online, is not a Social CEO. On the contrary, interacting consistently and methodically, communicating strategically with the interested audience, creating a brand image and a bond, this means being a Social CEO.

  • Why Create a Social CEO Strategy?
    CEOs are busy people. A strategy provides them the tools and guidelines they need in order to ensure that their time on social media is time well spent and aimed at maximizing business benefits. A social program for CEOs offers them the opportunity to interact with customers at different stages of their journey and thus have a personal overview of the sector, directly influencing the choices of their brand. The benefits of this strategy include greater brand recognition, higher levels of employee engagement and increased audience confidence.
  • What is a Social CEO strategy?
    CEO should not be encouraged to create profiles on LinkedIn and Facebook or to share random articles. It needs an ad-hoc program to establish a constant, influential and reliable presence on social media.

Here are some advice on how to create a Social CEO strategy:

  • Identify specific goals;
  • Illustrate the best tactics to use on social media;
  • Integrate the plan with marketing tools, such as those for listening, analysis and publication
  • Measure the performance in clear metrics;
  • Optimize times.