never stop asking: interview with Andrea Fortuna


never stop asking: interview with Andrea Fortuna

Today we’d like to share with you our latest interview from our series ‘never stop asking‘. This time we had a chat with Andrea Fortuna, who joined alpenite about 2 years ago, and that currently covers the role of Technical Consultant in our company. Let’s hear more from him!


In which way do you feel alpenite Is taking good care of you?

alpenite always tries to give me the best growing path, compatible with its own needs, and to be as flexible as possible when it comes to work mode.


Give us three words to describe alpenite.

Agile, young, and bounds.


What is that one of a kind feature that you bring in the company?

I feel the need to take steps forward in my job, improving the company with a selfless way of thinking.


What role would you like to have in alpenite? Apart from your current one.

I would have liked to have a role in the sales department (skills permitting) or as a “partner”.


Do you have an hilarious moment you lived with your colleagues to share?

During a meeting at a client’s, the song “Andiamo a Comandare” suddenly started playing from a mobile phone. Nobody turned it off and the client felt annoyed. It turned out the song was playing  from his phone and eventually we laughed about it.


Tell us about the time you felt part of an united team.

An experience I really cherish is the one I lived during my team’s first live for a really important client. We were spending all our time at Vega offices, weekends included: alpenite did its best to let us close the finale UAT pre live. We eventually close a dozen of fix and change requests. The weekend was hard but at the end, it felt like being with friends. Work and moments of fun were perfectly balanced and this contributed to keep our productivity high.


Thanks Andrea for highlighting the spirit of an united team that you feel every day. It’s important for us to share experience like yours.


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