never stop asking: interview with Barbara Bertan


never stop asking: interview with Barbara Bertan

Today we’d like to share with you the second interview from our new series ‘never stop asking‘, the virtual space to give voice to our people. This time we spoke with Barbara Bertan, who joined our Facility Management team last year, to discover more about her opinion and feelings with respect to our company and culture.


In which way do you feel alpenite is taking good care of you?

By giving me freedom: it might seems weird but in alpenite I’m free to be, to do and to learn.


 Three words to describe your company.

Movement: everything is constantly changing. I am now aware that in this reality what you learned yesterday can be obsolete the day after. You need to keep up with it.

Curiosity: it’s the starting point for all of us.

Courage: alpenite courageously bet on all of its employee. We are always considered, stimulated and, most importantly, listened. This elevated employees’ welfare leads to a better productivity and attracts innovative minds.


What is that one of a kind feature that you bring in the company?

Before alpenite, I’ve worked for several companies. Being alpenite a relatively young company, with my experience I really hope to give some improvement hints with my daily activities.


Let’s dream a bit. What role would you like to have in alpenite? Apart from your current one.

I would truly like to work in the marketing department: I’d like to collaborate with my colleagues for the making of the newsletters, ad campaigns and events. Obviously, I know that there’s no improvising in this kind of activities, that you need to study hard and apply yourself. Anyways, I’m stubborn enough and I believe nothing’s impossible. So never say never.


That’s the spirit! There’s anything more you’d like to share today?

There’s one thing I feel like sharing with my colleagues and everyone who is just starting his/her career in alpenite: it’s not all downhill from here. It’s a little bit like cycling: if you suddenly stop, the dynamo light won’t work anymore. If you want to keep your light on you gotta keep working.


Thank you so much Barbara for sharing your thoughts with us. 


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