never stop asking: interview with Elisa Bianchedi

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never stop asking: interview with Elisa Bianchedi

Today we introduce you the first interview of our brand-new series ‘never stop asking‘, the virtual space dedicated to present alpenite’s minds to the world. This time we spoke with Elisa Bianchedi, one of our most talented copywriters, asking her few questions about her experience with us.


In which way do you feel alpenite Is taking good care of you?

Actually, it’s a really good question given the time we are living. alpenite always took good care of me, since day one when they asked me if I would have preferred a macbook or a pc. alpenite is a company that is interested in your career path: what would you like to do, what would you like to become, and try its best to please you. alpenite always listen to its employees, and that help us a lot. In this particular moment of our lives, with the covid forcing us to stay at home, the well-run smart working vision helped me a lot in my new role of working mum.

Maybe in another company I would have found more obstacles and difficulties, mainly because it’s not something to take for granted that a company would be willing to ease the hard process of coming back to work, after a pregnancy, during a pandemic and an unemployed partner living with you. alpenite to me is a warm, soothing hug, especially in this period.


How did becoming a mom changed your professional life?

I did honestly think that I would have been able to work ’til the very beginning of the mandatory leave, but for some health issues I entered the maternity leave at four months pregnant. I came back to work, and after ten days, the emergency situation got worse and I had to shut myself at home. It wasn’t an easy thing to do.

My partner is an actor/director and his theatre company is on hold, so he’s currently at home taking care of our child while I carry on working from my home-desk. The professional life changes when you have a kid and that is a fact, lockdown or not; but given the current situation, the deal is a little bit more complex.

Luckily I can count on a certain flexibility: no curfew means that I can plan my working day in the most convenient way. I try to keep it all perfectly balanced, work and nursing, and highly productive by scheduling everything by the minute and without too much stress. I will have to give up work travels and company events for a while, but I think It’s a good compromise, the kid will grow eventually!

Smart working is, without any doubt, the best solution for a mother that wants to keep working. We are the first generation that actually deals with gender equality and familiar fluidity; we found ourselves in a world that forced us to rethink all the cultural constructs we got so used to, in order to rebuild a society In which women could easily find their own dimension, a dimension that allows them to both being women and mothers. I feel this conflict on my skin, but I consider myself lucky: in my alpenite reality, I was given all the essential tools for not being one step behind anyone.


Were you sober while getting the alpenite logo tattooed?

Super sober! But I must admit: it ended up being bigger than how I originally wanted. It was supposed to be a 2 cm logo, but when I was there and I saw the logo on my arm, It seemed too empty (back then I still didn’t have the coffee maker, the joystick and the pizza tattooed on) and I got caught up in the moment. Final result: it is huge!

But I really wanted that logo: my right arm is dedicated to my passions and my job is one of them; alpenite allowed me to finally feel professionally satisfied and gave me the precious chance of doing, for 8 hours per day, my dream job.

The right arms is still a work in progress and so is the logo; I needed to put it on a hold since I got pregnant; it’s still unfinished, it needs more color. I will finish it as soon as I can, with more additions also.


Three words to describe your company. 

alpenite means, first of all, stability, for it allowed me to realize my dream to have a hopefully-big family. It also means growth: since day one I’ve never stop learning, also thanks to my first team which is always a touchstone for every time I need to reset my balance. Third word I choose is protection. I’ve never felt more protected as I feel now in alpenite, especially during pregnancy and after the birth of my son.


What is that one of a kind feature that you bring in the company?

Everyday I try my best to give my job a personal input. I’ve learnt to always speak my mind, also because that’s highly encouraged in this company. I think I have a great poker face, it can obviously causes some troubles but most of the time it’s helpful, both for me and my colleagues. I know I need to work on myself, I end up resulting a little bit rough.


Let’s dream a bit. What role would you like to have in alpenite? Apart from your current one.

Great question! In a next lifetime I certainly want to be an IT engineer and work with all this weird code that build interfaces and several others wonderful stuff. So that maybe, for the very first time, I’ll be able to have a coffee break conversation without watching weirdly my colleagues, looking like a lost puppet (at a certain age, It does not look good you know).


Thank you Elisa for your precious participation! 


Unfortunately, that’s all for this time. Remember to like our company pages on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter if you’d like to discover more about what it means to be part of alpenite. Whereas, if you are thinking about joining our team, make sure to check all our open positions on our careers page. See you soon!