never stop asking: interview with Mariagiovanna Czarnecki


never stop asking: interview with Mariagiovanna Czarnecki

Our new series ‘never stop asking‘ moves forward. This week we had the pleasure to talk with Mariagiovanna Czarnecki, currently covering the role of backend developer consultant here at alpenite. Here below you can read our quick interview with her.


In what way do you feel that alpenite takes care of you?

alpenite takes care of its employees in several ways, one of which is leaving them enough margins of freedom to organize their own working times, relying on the common sense of each one of us, thus contributing, as far as I’m concerned, to the creation of a lively and relaxed work environment. Another important aspect I have noticed since I first joined the company is the attention to the individual: we are not numbers for alpenite, but rather people with different features and qualities which are daily enhanced and strengthened.


Give me 3 words to describe your company.

Dynamism, collaboration and growth.


If you weren’t who you are, what other position do you think you wouldn’t mind having in alpenite?

My current position actually satisfies me given that, since I arrived in alpenite, I have learned a lot and continue to. I am glad to have the opportunity to follow a gradual path through which I can acquire new skills and greater responsibilities within the company step-by-step.


Do you have any funny episodes with your colleagues that you want to tell us about?

A few months ago I was going out too blithely from our “relaxation area” and I had a head-on collision with the glass door… all this NOT without an audience.

Fortunately I did not come out of it with a brand new nose.


Tell us about that time when…

I don’t want to tell you about one single episode but rather a recurring event, that is, the monthly meeting with the mentor. This is a moment of dialogue during which we are listened to and supported in our growth path within the company; it is also an opportunity to express both professional and personal doubts and concerns.


Thank you Mariagiovanna for being with us!


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