never stop asking: interview with Mattia Calicchia


never stop asking: interview with Mattia Calicchia

The goal of our series of interviews ‘never stop asking’ is to understand what it really means to work in alpenite. We chose to do so by letting our people express their own thoughts and feelings through a few questions. Today we’d like to share with you our interesting chat with Mattia Calicchia, Solution Analyst at alpenite.


In which way do you feel alpenite is taking good care of you?

alpenite cares about my well being and my aims. Every need is listened to: no matter your role, people tend to listen to each other and try and understand their problems or demands. The ability to listen is not something to take for granted nor easy to find. Since the beginning it was established a strong empathic connection, not only with my team but also with the rest of my colleagues.


Give us three words to describe our company.

Rational, empathic and dynamic. You can feel alpenite rationality during the everyday life. There’s a deep dialogue and challenge feeling to whom do this work every day. Several times I questioned myself moved by a rational critic. Critics help a team grow and succeed; maybe it’s not immediate, but rationality helps task division, by creating small areas where you can meticulously intervene. And in those moment, empathy plays a huge role. My colleagues’ empathy is able to encourage other people: you are able to work in an introspective way, succeeding thanks to the work you do on yourself and on the relationship with others. Dynamism is the wish to succeed. In alpenite, I’ve never found a single person who gave up or felt unmotivated. We share beautiful moments together and we work hard, but people here are strongly motivated and united by the same team spirit.


What metaphors would you use to the creatively describe your team?

When discussing dynamism, I picture alpenite to be a big bow ready to fling its arrows. A bow without arrows would be useless. Every arrow is different and every arrow matters, even if it doesn’t hit the target at the first shot: it will eventually, shot after shot. “A single arrow is easily broken but not ten in a bundle” it’s a Japanese way of saying. Oh and obviously: you are not the arrow, you are the archer! Choose a company like alpenite (the bow) and cherish every project and experience (arrows) and never forget to aim for your target.


Thank you very much Mattia for sharing your thoughts and for teaching us a pinch of Japanese wisdom.


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