never stop asking: interview with Roberto De Rosalia


never stop asking: interview with Roberto De Rosalia

Welcome back to our new series of interviews ‘never stop asking’. Today we have with us Roberto De Rosalia, one of our awesome developers, currently working from Palermo, his hometown. Check out our talk with him to better understand the importance of teamwork and unity at alpenite.


In which way do you feel Alpenite is taking good care of you?

Although I work from my home in Palermo, alpenite is always ready to support every requests I share, giving efficient solutions toward my working and personal aims.


Give us three words to describe alpenite

Young, dynamic and positive.


What is that one of a kind feature that you bring in the company?

The deliciousness of Sicilian treats, obviously.


Do you have an hilarious moment you lived with your colleagues to share?

I was in Rome in our office, we were playing a playlist of cartoons’ theme songs on a bluetooth speaker with a pretty high volume; we were also singing and people passing by the corridor was smiling and singing as well, and this made us smile as well.


Tell us about the time you felt part of an united team.

My team has a daily morning call to check the status of the tasks and to chat a bit. This makes me feel part of a strong, united group that is ready to support each other and, most importantly, without feeling the distance.


Thank you Roberto for being part of our initiative. We can’t wait to taste again your delicious Sicilian treats!


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