never stop asking: interview with Stella Scarpa


never stop asking: interview with Stella Scarpa

Here we are again with our series of interviews ‘never stop asking’. This week we talked with Stella Scarpa, front-end developer here at alpenite. Let’s read what she decided to shared with us.


In which way do you feel alpenite Is taking good care of you?

By trying to meet my work and personal needs, by always pushing me to give my best and making me professionally grow.


GIve us three words to describe alpenite.

  • Smart – the way of working and the atmosphere allow you to feel free, but you are, at the same time, conscious to have a duty towards our company that trust you completely;
  • Young –always up to date and forefront under every aspect; ready for every change that could make the company better and bringing new solutions to our clients;
  • Family – it feels like home, all the time.


What is that one of a kind feature that you bring in the company?

Stubbornness and a lot of joy.


What role would you like to have in alpenite? Apart from your current one.
My nemesis, a back-end developer (actually, that’s the role I am aiming for).


Do you have an hilarious moment you lived with your colleagues to share?
It’s impossible to be bored when I’m with my colleagues: everyday something’s fun happens. We have the rule, a joke a day keeps the doctor away: I still remember getting a water balloon right on my face during a summer day.


Would you like to tell us how did you end up working in alpenite?
Through mutual friends and I have to say that it was really my life turning point.


What is the key value for alpenite and how do you sense it?
The most important value is the “wellness”, in order to always do our best. It’s clearly a benefit for us all: ourselves, company and clients.


Thank you so much Stella for sharing with us your point of view.


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