Cyber Security: why is it so important?


Cyber Security: why is it so important?

To believe that your own company is immune to possible cyber-attacks, it’s a naïve attitude that could damage the security of the partners, vendors, employees and clients.

Asking ourselves why should we be worried about Cyber Security is like worrying not to have our wallet stolen while on the metro. But what’s the difference? We tend to value more a known risk rather than a risk we know nothing about. How do we fix it? First step is information. No company is unaffected by cyber-attacks that could translate into data thefts or the blocking of systems and services; for this reason is becoming more and more important to keep up with the subject. Let’s discuss the consequences of an attack of this kind towards our company.

The three demands of the web data:

  • Integrity
  • Accessibility
  • Privacy

Let’s begin with the comprehension of the qualities of the web data:in order to be considered “safe” it has to positively reply to three demands.

Is it the data inviolate? We must examine if the data we possess is maintained in its original form with all its features-in order to do so it’s important to have the control over this data and to, in case, modify it. The integrity of the data is one of the essential and required skills. Subsequently we have the second feature: is the data accessible? For every information shared, there’s someone who is granted accessibility to it; once this permission is revoked, in an illegal or compulsory way, a problem arise. Last but not least came the privacy of the data. It’s enough to ask ourselves if the data is correctly shared to the authorized target.

When one of these features is missing, or questioned by an external factor, we have been victims of a cyber-attack.

What is a cyber-attack

How many kind of cyber-attack exist? We can list the most knowns by keeping in mind that is a constantly changing situation. It’s clearly impossible to imagine the full panoramaof the infinite amount of scams: what we can do is to control the possible criminals ways in.

Phishing, DDoS Attack and data breach

Phishing is perhaps the most used technique and is based on the misappropriation of someone’s digital identity within the company.

Criminals manage to steal’s someone personal credentials by sending deceptive emails with the intent of tricking the user into voluntarily provide such informations for example by logging them into a site that simulates a business system, or by pretending to be a colleague who has an urgency, thus activating an escaltion process that leads them to obtain credit card numbers and access to bank accounts.

It’s a very common scam because base mostly on an innocent inattention of the user.

It may also happen that the ill-intentioned somehow manages to use the vulnerabilities of a software to penetrate the repositories in which the information is kept. At that point, it will be sufficient to take these data hostage and prevent their access to the company in exchange for a copious redemption which, even in the face of a payment, would not guarantee the reintegration of the data. The data, in fact, could have been tampered with or worse, copied.

And what do criminals do with this data? It depends on what data they managed to obtain, they can really be used in a thousand illicit ways ranging from the sale of contacts and credit card numbers, to the more complex use to carry out a kind of inside trading. Also in this vast criminal landscape, there are also Ddos (Distributed denial of service) attacks which consist in making one or more IT services unavailable, effectively blocking the execution of processes. An endless list could continue and in any case it would never be exhaustive, the concept always remains the same: any rather capable attacker could enter our system thanks to the use of spyware and malware to violate the integrity of our data. At that point we are in the presence of what is called, technically: data breach.

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