Evaluate your company’s cyber security with alpenite: here’s what we can offer you


Evaluate your company’s cyber security with alpenite: here’s what we can offer you

We already addressed the concrete risks of underestimating our cyber security, so you already know how much that would cost you, your clients and your employees. If you need a little review, take a look at our article “Cyber Security: why is it so important?”

Perhaps you’re asking yourself what alpenite can do to check you current situation, read more to discover our experience.

Topics Index

  • Cyber risk assessment
  • Penetration test
  • User awareness analysis
  • Corporate training


Cyber risk assessment

During this phase, our experts in security will run a check to see your most vulnerable data and how a violation could impact those. In a nutshell, some data – clearly the most exposed – will be hypotetically subject of an attack, and a practical list of possible consequences is therefore evaluated. Basing on this, we then start to think about potential countermeasures.

Penetration test

In this phase our experts will literally work as hacker, trying to hack the system in order to highlight every weakness or breach. This phase include seven moments:

1.     Data Collection

2.    Web scan

3.    Enumeration of the vulnerability

4.    Evaluation of the vulnerability

5.    Access to the system

6.    Maintenance of the system access

7.    Report

User awareness analysis

At this point it’s important to investigate user’s awareness, in order to understand how careful and conscious of the problem they truly are, and if they know possible prevention techniques. It’s possible to manage this phase through the use of forms, fake spam campaigns to test their reaction, but also with gamification ( a light, interactive and ludic approach).

Corporate training

Ultimately the company is given the most powerful resource against data breach: information. The employees are involved in workshops studied to guarantee a further look to the dangers related to data breach and will be given the necessary skills to manage any risky behaviors.

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Cyber security is a serious business.