SOCIAL TREND: Why is it time to review your social strategy?


SOCIAL TREND: Why is it time to review your social strategy?

Knowing the changes that are taking place in the world of social media allows to avoid being unprepared for the new demands of the audience.

alpenite prepares you to face these trends by giving you the right information regarding sensitive, broad and sometimes controversial issues.



1.    Social changes and social media

2.    New tools for new strategies

3.    What should brands do today?


Social changes and social media

In this unusual 2020, we have been facing a great deal of social changes so far.

Once again, not only the need to have an optimized digital structure, but also to have a strategic vision and therefore be able to give brands the opportunity to change in harmony with the surrounding environment were confirmed.

The reference to social media is clear. By definition, social media represent the mirror of society and are a marketing tool that brands have been using for years to get to know and be known by the audience, as well as a showcase for their products.

Although concise, this sentence explains the importance of having a social media strategy, but even more paramount is the way in which to do it and implement it.

Focusing more on the new trends, we will deepen what these social changes are and how they affect the goals and strategies on social media.


New tools for new strategies

The events of this 2020 have forced brands to change their marketing strategies during the work. Above all, brands have had to face new dynamics partly unknown, yet today seem to be stabilized and to be the basis for any marketing strategy.

First of all, let’s talk about touchpoints, i.e. those places along the customer journey in which brands and audiences communicate with each other. In the digital world, social media represent one of the strongest points of contact. The audience uses social media in the discovery and evaluation phase of a product or service, uses feeds and influencers that populate this environment looking for empathy and authenticity.

Brands must review their strategies with the aim of “humanizing processes”, offering personalized, consistent and easy communication. They must optimize their systems by offering quick and coordinated answers both internally, in the team, and along the different touchpoints of the customer journey.

Fortunately for brands, technologies are almost always in step with the trends and are often also their own driving forces.

Marketing tools providers have equipped themselves to provide means that can help brands respond to these new needs. The giants of the IT sector are constantly developing new integrative features in step with the trends and requirements of brands.

alpenite deeply knows the subject and the best marketing tools to develop a social media strategy.

The characteristics that an instrument dedicated to social media must have in order to be functional to new trends and business needs are highlighted below:

–        A single platform. Planning, creating and programming must be possible in one place;

–        Manage relationships. Maintain open conversations on public channels but especially on private ones, always remaining connected and monitoring their activity;

–        Team coordination. Align the team through targeted and precise assignments, pinpointing roles and tasks;

–        Reporting. Possibility of data collection and analysis in real time;

–        Security. The best way to protect yourself from external threats is through a smart and secure authorization system.

Relying on tools with these characteristics allows to be able to constantly monitor changes from the external environment, as well as to optimize times and become more operational.


What should brands do today?

They need to change their strategic vision.

Consumer habits are transforming, in this article we have pointed out which are the most influential changes and what the audience is asking of brands. On the other hand, technology helps companies, yet brands must ask themselves how to implement these technologies and how to integrate them into their business systems.

A recap of these concepts leads to a strategic vision that allows brands to open the doors to new scenarios for improving the health of business.

We will continue to tell you about social media and marketing tools in the next chapters of this column, analyzing concretely what the trends are and how to deal with them.

In the meantime, think about these new trends and their impact on your business and analyze the tools your social media team has at their disposal.

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