alpenite | services


alpenite is a system integrator focused on digital transformation of the customer oriented processes; our team is always up to date with the latest technologies and market innovation trends. alpenite is able to provide high quality projects based on the market leading platforms with which we partnhership.

digital strategy

alpenite provides consulting services in order to develop digital strategies and project planning in addition to offering legal and strategical consulting for your digital presence and international development.


we support you in defining your e-commerce and omni-channel strategy. we analyze and design your e-commerce platform and implement it with the best solutions available in the market along with integrating your business line systems (ERP and CRM). once it goes online, we take care of its maintenance with our digital total care service.

customer engagement

we help you design your customer engagement strategy (sales, service, marketing, analytics) and support it with the implementation of a customer relationship management solution. your ERP system is then integrated with multi-channel solutions according to your needs.

digital experience

alpenite brings corporate business processes online and to mobile devices. the retail experience solutions offered by alpenite can also be used internally within an enterprise to streamline business allowing marketing departments to refine their digital experience.

alpenite “à la carte”

we offer a list of some of the best services available worldwide. clients can find everything they need—from technology to process strategy—to put together a truly successful e-commerce site. companies are increasingly developing the need for a digital roadmap for process sales comprised of a series of services managed either internally or through service providers. nowadays there is a need for paid, external micro-services which are vertical and specialized; whether they are for technology or process services, need be quickly activated/deactivated or for specific geographical needs with a simple and variable cost model.