alpenite presents ‘e-business in China: guidelines & new perspectives’


alpenite presents ‘e-business in China: guidelines & new perspectives’

China represents the largest market in the world: are you ready to face its challenges and take its opportunities for your business?

On the 14th of May from 11:30 am to 12:30 am, alpenite and its business advisory unit concrete, offer you a tour of the most important chinese digital technologies to help you plan your entrance to this market. Digital technologies are indeed the principal gateway for brands that want to approach the chinese market, especially in this particular moment.

China represents an extraordinary opportunity for businesses seeking for new growth strategies thanks to more than a billion consumers and a flourishing economy.

Sign up now to participate to our web roundtable and get your chance to learn how to effectively approach the world’s largest market thanks to digital technologies. As Sun Tzu once said: “first lay plans which will ensure victory, and then lead your army to battle”.

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